Getting healthy….one month update

0001NcIt has been four weeks since I started my Getting Healthy challenge and I feel great! At first I thought it would be really hard but I was able to easily transition myself into exercising and eating right.

I had a targeted weight loss goal of 34lbs that would take me out of the obese category on the medical charts and put me into the overweight one which I am fine with. I am in no way trying to become a toothpick. I am a thick woman, my thinnest after having children has been a size 8 and I weighed 168lbs. Hard to believe but true! My target weight goal is 175lbs or a size 12 whichever I settle into first where I feel happy and healthy. If I happen to get slimmer that would be great but it’s not what I’m pushing for.  This is what I am aiming for (picture below).

Me at 175lbs! Not bad, huh?!

Me at 175lbs! Not bad, huh?!

I have lost a total of 9lbs! And let me tell you it may not seem alot but it really is. I have lost 1″ off of my neck, 1.5″ off of my waist,  2″ off of my hips and 1″ off of my thighs. My butt is noticeably smaller, YES!!!

My husband has lost 12lbs and my son is around the 10lb mark and they are feeling great. I have been able to fit into size 14 jeans that I was no longer able to pull up my thighs before now and now they are even lose! My energy and emotional state have improved and I just feel better overall.  I am both happy and proud of myself that I decided to pull myself out of the back seat of my life and reward myself with health.

I will admit I do have some days where I cheat a little but I’m not feeling guilty about it anymore. There is nothing wrong with giving in every once in a while and I must have my occasional specialty drink. If I want some coffee ice cream or dark chocolate I will not deprive myself of it I just discipline myself and not eat it every day. I felt like burgers the other night so I had one with cheese and all but instead of potato chips I made some guacamole for a side. From where I stand it’s all about balance and I think I am doing pretty darn good.




2 thoughts on “Getting healthy….one month update

  1. annmariegubenko

    Yay, Charity! You are doing awesome! I love that you are focusing on how you feel rather than how you look because you are already beautiful in my eyes.Now you just have to feel it. 🙂


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