Dear Sophie, I

In honor of Sophie’s 4th Birthday, letters from Mommy!

My Dance in the Rain

Dear Sophie,

When I found out you were growing inside of me I was so excited, my heart was full of happiness. I knew deep down you were a little girl. I was scared because I somehow knew you would change my life forever. I almost lost you in the beginning but I prayed everyday and God heard my pleas for you. He answered my prayers and blessed me with your life.  I was not happy when the doctor pushed for an early delivery for you but I just wanted you here safe. After you were born and we realized your umbilical cord was malformed and beginning to detach we realized had I not delivered you then you would not be here today. I believe everything happens for a reason, proof that you are my little miracle.. 

I was so afraid when I saw you, you were…

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