Dear Sophie, II

In honor of Sophie’s 4th Birthday, letters from Mommy!

My Dance in the Rain

If your just jouning us you can get caught up here. Dear Sophie, I.

Dear Sophie,

I was still so terrified that your health was not improving but I was determined to keep fighting, we had to prove those doctors wrong. We would show them that they did not know everything.

Within the next year you had several surgeries. You are a fighter and despite some complications you pulled through, I have always been so proud of you!

You gained a little weight and began to move along developmentally, I began to understand that you would reach your gaols when you were ready. All in your time, I would have to learn to be patient. You began to sit unassisted, than you crawled and pulled up to stand. All before your second birthday.

Your health remained a huge interference with your progress but despite the challenges you were faced with…

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