Dear Sophie, today you are 4.

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Dear Sophie, I , Dear Sophie, II

0001cbDear Sophie,

What a journey your life has been so far. I am so grateful for these four years you have been my child. You have baffled the doctors in so many ways, they often remind me of the miracle that you ARE. God grants us miracles everyday, you are one of those miracles and you have taught me not to take life for granted.

You took your first steps at 32 months. There was a day long ago I doubted I would ever get to see that day but you did take those steps and today you don’t just walk,  you run and jump and dance!

You are a free spirit, you find yourself the most at peace with mother nature.  Animals fascinate you and music south’s your soul.

There are not enough words to describe the kind of happiness I feel to see you thrive or how proud I am of you. You have been and always will be my shining star. Your strength is inspirational, you light up a room with your smile and the simplest things make you immensely happy. People cannot help but to love you.

Everyone who meets you is in someway touched by you, your presence is peaceful and the love you emenate is immeasurable. Your goodness is contagious.

Your teachers and therapists love you and expect nothing but wonderful progress from you. This is only the beginning, you have a long road ahead of you but with God on our side it will be a secure one.  We love you more than words can describe, you are as perfect for us as we are for you.

You WILL learn more and more each day. You DID learn to walk and I will never lose hope that you may one day talk. The doctors were wrong about you; I will enjoy watching you prove them wrong with each day that passes for the rest of your life.

My amazing child if you only knew how much I love you. My perfect little girl, may God always guide you, carry you and bless you.


Sophie's 4th Birthday


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