Their first crush

First crush

I don’t want my children to grow up too fast.  This is difficult as we live in an era where respect for your elders is disappearing. Where little girls think they are women and young boys think they are invincible.  I always tell my children to enjoy being a kid because once your grown up there is no going back. I grew up way too fast and it took most of my adult life to overcome it. I am happy to say I was finally able to let it all go but I don’t want that emotional struggle for them.

My focus with my children has always been honesty, we talk openly about drugs, peer pressure and pretty much everything including sex (age appropriately) of course. I have always encouraged them to focus on their studies and love themselves just they way they are. It’s hard to stay focused when you’re a kid and everyone else (society) is moving at a faster pace.

I’ve always told them when they are ready for companionship what matters to me is not their skin color, ethnic background or financial status but the kind of human being they are. I want for them to find someone who will respect them, that will bring out the best in them. Someone that is kind and above all cares for them. It is not for me to choose who they want to be with.

My eldest son and daughter have their first crush! My daughter has never really expressed interest in boys until now, she is two months shy of her 15th birthday. My son will be 18 at the end of this year but this is the first time I have seen him so taken by a girl. I was very happy that they did not hide it from me and came to share their news with me. My daughter told me it was an unexpected feeling with someone she would have never thought; they showed me a pictures of their crushes. Friends are sometimes the greatest companions and although this is just the first crush it begins a new phase in their journey to adulthood.

So as I enter this new phase of their life, I am nervous but at the same time I trust my kids and have faith in them. I know they have a good head on their shoulders and will make good decisions and if they have any doubts I am here for them. I am very proud of them that they are confident enough to talk to me and share their new moments with me.

We do the best we can to raise our children. We teach them, guide them and love them. We can only hope they choose the right path but in the end they are individuals and will make choices for themselves. I can only hope they will continue on this path and not allow the temptations of society to tarnish who they have already become.


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