Prep ride to FL

After we made a definite decision to return to Florida we decided we would not share the news with anyone until it was time, I have had enough of other people’s opinions. Something came up for a trip to FL so we decided we would take advantage of this opportunity and drive down together to leave one of our vehicles and look for a home.

My uncle had come to visit so he was able to babysit the older kids for us. We left at 10am on a Wednesday, I had Sophie and Tristan with me and my husband was in his SUV. The ride there was not as bad as we had thought it would be. Both toddlers did exceptionally well with being tied up in-car seats so long. I had videos and plenty of strings for Sophie’s sensory needs, we stopped every couple of hours for the kids to have snacks and let them stretch.

After seven and a half hours on the road as we passed through Jacksonville my husbands SUV overheated, he has a 2001 Nissan Xterra. We pulled over and waited a good hour for it to cool off, we refilled the radiator and tried to take off again but the temperature began to climb.  When we pulled over again we realized the radiator fluid had leaked out, I sat there and prayed for guidance on what to do while my husband had a panic attack. Tristan became hysterical watching my husband freak out which made my husband panic even more. I knew God had my back and I was very calm. I found a repair place a couple of miles away (thank you GPS) and tried to convince my husband to head over there to get the car checked. He agreed but only after I told him that I would take over driving his SUV and he could drive my van.

We arrived safely at the repair shop; they had to wait for it to cool down before they could look at it so I made my husband take us to dinner to distract him. We had just spent about a thousand dollars in March on repairs to his SUV so we were praying it was nothing crazy.

They told us it was a connector from the heater to the radiator and they did not carry that in stock. The part would have to be ordered through Nissan and they could not guarantee they could get it. We still had a good four hours to travel to arrive at our destination, by this time it was 9pm. We asked them if there was anything we could do that would allow us to get to our destination even if it took us twice as long. The mechanic was a God send, he told us what he as about to say was off the record;  we could put some product in the radiator to hopefully thicken the fluid and stop the leak temporarily. He told us how often to stop and how to prevent the car from overheating. He had over 30 yrs experience and many tricks of the trade, he filled us up on supplies and even gave us rags and gloves and said I will pray for your safe arrival and we set off.

We expected to have to stop at least every 30-45 minutes but we made it the rest of the way as if God had carried us there, truly a miracle. We arrived at 2am but we arrived safe which is all that matters.

My husband told me after that incident that he had not realized how much I have changed and how strong I have become. I used to get hysterical and worry too much but my faith that God would get us through this kept me together. This was just another trial, life is full of them but I will no longer allow those trials disrupt my peace.


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