Home safe


As the weeks passed our anticipation for returning home grew, the kids could not keep calm and talked about it constantly. I worked on getting all the documents I needed in a timely manner. My husband had a great last day at work and he said he is really going to miss his co-workers.

Two days before the move we picked up the twenty-six foot truck and began the loading process. Wow…I have so much stuff! It took a couple of times rearranging to get everything to fit but I refused to leave anything behind.

The day arrived with the alarm going off bright and early. The whole house is empty at this point. By 7am I am off with the six youngest, we stopped and said goodbye to my friend Gina and we hit the road. My husband had to wait for the exit inspection on the rental so he was a couple of hours behind us.

The drive with six kids was not as bad as I expected, they all behaved for the most part. Sophie became tired of sitting in a car seat very quickly and around the last two hours was very upset. Tristan got sick and even projectile¬†vomited to the front of the van which delayed us over an hour, the one time I’m not prepared for toddler accidents is the one time it’s really bad.

Even with the delays we made it home safe and in less than 12 hours. My husband arrived at almost 11pm. We were all drained! The gas company was not able to connect our gas so we were without hot water or the stove for the whole weekend. I was just happy to be here and ready to move forward.

I am happy to say the gas was connected first thing Monday morning and I am almost completely unpacked. It has been great seeing everyone. Having everyone come and go has been so refreshing after being alone for so long. My friend Grisel has been a Godsend helping me with the kids, she took the four youngest to the park for several hours (by herself!) and she even helped me unpack. Grisel ROCKS!!

My husband began working and I am just getting settled. I’m now prepping for a yard sale this weekend. It’s time to declutter.

I am so happy we are home. It feels great to be back with our loved ones, it doesn’t even feel like we were gone.



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