Weaning her off of the Pediasure

Sophie has been on Pediasure for over three years, it was the one thing that helped her gain weight and avoid a feeding tube. I am eternally grateful for it but I feel it is time to move forward. With all of Sophie’s medical issues I need to keep her on as much natural foods as possible.

After some research and out weighing pros and cons my husband and I decided we wanted to try to wean her off of it. It contains alot of chemicals and sugar, stuff we want her off of.

The hardest part of taking her off of the Pediasure is that she is such a picky eater. Her food has to be puree but she is a very difficult eater and will not eat all textures. In the last few weeks I was able to bring her down from seven cans of Pediasure a day to three cans a day. I allowed her to get really hungry so that she would have a good appetite and even if it was only 5 teaspoons I was sure she was taking 3-6 meals a day. I also started to give her three cups of water a day instead of one. She gained 1.5lbs in two weeks.

Another CDCS parent told me about some natural milk with no chemicals that I looked into but the pediatrician said it was not a good fit for Sophie. After discussing our options we decided to try Almond milk, today she drank two cups successfully.

The challenge will be incorporating enough calories in the milk and her foods to make up for the difference she will be missing from the Pediasure. It will take a little more creativity on my behalf but I really think she is ready. I also feel that the more she eats food, puree or not the better she gets at it and the more she tries to chew. Her choking has really decreased after surgery which also helps.

It won’t happen overnight but I am very hopeful and positive we will be successful at finding the right fit for her.

With the most recent biopsy results of suspected lung disease (I will update on another post soon, I am still trying to wrap my head around it all) my goal is to give her as much natural foods as possible. Between a healthier diet and all the vitamins I am hopeful she can grow stronger. I am hoping we can have her completely off of the Pediasure within the next two months.

All in its own time.


2 thoughts on “Weaning her off of the Pediasure

  1. Tommie

    I can imagine how hard and scary this is but I know that you always, always put Sophie’s needs first and you’re doing this for her, for her health and for her future. Good for you.

    I’m just getting caught up on your posts and am so glad you’re home and getting settled where you feel like you and your sweet family belong.


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