DisconnectingWith so much going on in my life, I felt the need to disconnect from medias that we occupying too much of my life. I felt it was time to create some distance from the world I am sometimes to involved in. It was time to bask in the quiet, to give myself time and space to accept and adjust to everything that has changed in my life. So I decided to give up Facebook.

Yeah facebook can be great, I have so many wonderful connections and I love to watch the progress of other CDC families; but, it has also brought about tremendous anxiety’s to my life. And it’s a portal to connections and memories I want to begin to let go of.

Social media can become such a necessary part of our daily routines, how we depend on it for support or how much we feel that we need it is sometimes something we overlook. And the reality for some is it can become too much of a distraction in our lives, a deep dependency to connect with the outside world that occupies alot of our time.

For me, I want to focus on what is here. I want to focus on those that are a part of my life. Those that love me and support me and I want to allow the past to stay in the past despite how difficult it is.

I have spent the last two days crying and angry after receiving the diagnosis of PCD for Sophie. I have felt numb and frozen as life continues on around me. I have not felt this was for many years and it is a very scary feeling. Moving forward is very difficult for me right now.

It has also made me realize how much I need to focus on my emotional well-being. I need to be strong for myself and my family to overcome this new phase in our lives.

Giving my mind and emotional state a break from the attachment to social media I feel is a good step at this point. And I can use the free time more productively.



2 thoughts on “Disconnecting

  1. Kerry Iannone

    Good for you Charity for wanting to focus on your blessings and realizing the need to focus on your well-being. You are right to do so. So often as moms and women in general we give and give and give until we are completely empty. And then we are no help to anyone.

    I agree that facebook and the internet in general can be an enormous distraction for us and take our attention from where it really needs to be. I have fallen into that trap myself and need to always be intentional about using it wisely and not allowing it to steal time from other, more important things.

    I pray for encouragement for you as you walk your journey of life and that you will, indeed, create the time you need to care for yourself so that you can continue to meet the needs of your family. May you be strengthened and your focus renewed and refreshed as you live each day. Blessings to you!


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