Bug bites, Yikes!

I learned last year that Sophie was allergic to ant bites. She had a severe reaction to them and the area swells to 3-4 times it’s size. Last year after the bites she required some meds to bring down the swelling. She had been bitten on her on foot and one hand. After that incident we were lucky not to have to go through that again.

Until now. On Monday night we noticed Sophie had a bug bite on her nasal bridge.  Other than a blotchy red spot we did not suspect anything more that maybe a mosquito bite, we are in Florida and it is summer after all.

The following day this is how she woke up.

Bug Bite_1

Bug Bite_2

I’d say it was a huge reaction to whatever bit her. Naturally I freaked out but knew it was a reaction to the bite. I gave her some Zyrtec and waited, and waited and then gave her another dose of Zyrtec and nothing. I decided to give her some Benadryl at bedtime hoping that it would help. In the past Benadryl would make her completely woosy so I rarely use it. Not this time, she was wide awake and seemed to have no reaction to it. She seemed fine all day, no additional issues breathing and she was not lethargic or anything else that was out of the ordinary for her.

The next day she woke up like this. No improvement and one eye more swollen.

Bug Bite,3

The kids said she looked like an alien from the Star Trek movie, she actually did it was too funny. Gotta love my Sophie’s beautiful almond eyes for the exotic look.Bug Bites, yikes_1

I decided a visit to the ER wouldn’t hurt since I’m still sorting out insurance changes to get her into to a pediatrician. We made our way there where we were checked in and checked out within an hour. It was awesome! There they verified it was a reaction to a bug bite and gave her a nice dose of steroids and told me to continue for two more days.

Within hours the swelling was visibly down, yay! She does have two dark eyes from the swelling and the bite is still very visible but she is so much better. The actual bite mark was quite large so it’s hard to decipher what kind of bug bit her, we scoured the house but could not find anything.

We have to watch her more closely now especially when we are outside. I am so relieved it was not more serious because with her it’s always an out of the box scenario. Bug bites, Yikes!!


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