In His Image

In his image the soul is always perfection.

My Dance in the Rain

You see, God is trying to save us by sending his angels into the world. Society will classify me as “Retarded” or say that I am a burden when in fact I am a blessing and blessed are those who can see me. To really see me you must first accept me, but here lies the problem. Because by accepting me you are faced with having to accept the reality of your being. The truth about yourself, your pride, selfishness, cruelty and ignorance. Those who love me feel Sorry for you.

You can call me what you may and you may think your words define me but I was created in perfection. I will live my life full of happiness while you suffer, feel jealousy, hate and poison your heart. Your malice will not taint me. I bring Miracles, Love, Compassion, Strength, Triumph, Patience and Tolerance to those…

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