A day in my life.

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A quick glimpse into a day in my life….

5:00AM Sophie wakes up with a horrible persistent cough. It’s no use trying to rest since she is hacking up a lung (insert sarcasm). She is sneezing like she sat in a pool of pollen so I’m up. It’s after 6AM and time to take daddy to work as we only have one car now. On the way back from taking daddy to work I’m forced to pull over to clear Sophie’s airways thanks to all the mucous she is vomiting that is blocking her airway. Gross, now she is yucky and sticky and her car seat is too. Time for nebulizer treatment #2 of the day.

It’s been two hours since the car incident and Sophie just had her applesauce where I secretly slipped in some steroids for her non-stop cough since it’s the only way to stop it. Here we go again! She is choking, again. There is so much mucous coming up she cannot breathe, I do some chest PT to help her clear her airway and rid her body of all that gunk. She is now flushed and very uncomfortable. I make a couple of phone calls  but my list is never-ending.

I have to run out and Emily is able to get her to sleep for two hours. I return home to a messy house and a miserable child, time for nebulizer treatment #3.  I clean the house and then I go grocery shopping, two hours later I come home to a crying, coughing and miserable child. I try to put away the groceries and ignore the screaming in the background but it’s more than I can bear.

Crap I forgot to eat today, again. I’ll grab a whooper next time I’m out, oh and a coke!

Emily is going to spend the afternoon with her friend, I hate to let her go because she is my savior. Emily is my support system, the only other person who understands Sophie and can get her calm but she needs to be a kid and I cannot allow my needing help to interfere with her having her own time.

Seriously, my kids are still sleeping! NO. This is not going to happen. To my eldest, you need to go volunteer if you cannot find a job but you’re not spending the summer sleeping.

Eldest sonBut it’s summer mom”.

Me “yes but you’ll be 18 yrs old next year”

Eldest son “Not next year mom, this year”

Me “Whatever, there is no such thing as summer vacations for adults! Get over yourself!!”

Eldest son….no comment

Time for a drive, the only thing that calms her after all else fails. She is calm, finally, and so I keep driving. I pick up daddy from his carpool stop, I keep driving because I can’t take the crying anymore and I just want to indulge in the quiet the car ride is providing. An hour after driving around I’m home, time to cook dinner. I’m cooking, breaking up fights and answering calls. She is crying again, her cough is horrible and she won’t stop sneezing; her nose is raw from wiping it a million times today.

I’m still alive!

Finally. Dinner is cooked. I take some time to go out and organize my van. I soak in the new look my yard has since the landlord had a fence put up today. Now I can put the kids pool up that my brother bought them. I stand there and make plans for creating a fun backyard for the kids now that our yard is fenced in and it’s safe to let them out to play. Yes I know, I’m adding to my already long list but I can’t leave the back yard dull and boring they need to have fun.

They kids are whining, again. Treatment #4,I can’t get Sophie to eat. It’s been ten hours since she ate anything but she is refusing. Her cough is wet and heavy, I HATE YOU PCD & ASPIRATION!

I feel like a broken record. Elyas and Ariana time for bath’s, time for dinner. Stop arguing, just agree on what movie you want to watch or I will pick one. Stop arguing. Be quiet. Stop yelling!

Wine. It’s time for wine. I need to wind down it’s almost impossible I have too much to do. It’s 11:00PM, I’m exhausted. I’m on my second glass of wine, I might even be able to get my brain to shut down tonight. Treatment #5, done! Daddy tried to rock her to sleep with no luck. We are drained, my to do list keeps growing and I can barely stay awake.

Where will I find the energy to make it through tomorrow?  It’s hard, It’s been rough today. I’ve broken down at least four times today as the days become harder and harder. Where this road will lead me; I don’t know but I hope I can make it.



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