Finally feeling better

It’s been difficult trying to find the time to write these days. Summer vacation is in full swing and I am home with the kids most of the days when I am not around town running errands. And to make matters even more difficult Sophie has been sick.

It started a little over a week ago the persistent cough, vomiting and fever. Than she developed tongue ulcers and a body rash and stopped eating. She was miserable and so weak I had to make a run to the ER. Two of the nurses remembered her from over a year ago, they could not get over how much she had changed since then.

As soon as they took us back they started an IV and fluids, they drew blood performed and x-ray and took some urine, they brought up admitting her and I adamantly refused. It’s crazy but it takes 3-5 people to hold her down for any given procedure. I told them she needed to be wrapped in a blanket to hold her down to get the labs and one of the nurses who already knew her mentioned to the others that she has super human strength, it’s true though.

I knew it was a sinus infection but the odor gave it away to the doctor who realized it immediately, her right ear had been bleeding so I suspected an infection. Apparently it was full of fluid even with the tubes in, her ear began to bleed again which was good because they called in another doctor to recheck it. Yup, definitely an infection.

After several hours we got the labs back, and the x-ray showed no signs of pneumonia, thank goodness because she sounded horrible the staff was pretty paranoid with her.  It’s her complicated medical history that makes them nervous, it’s a good thing I take a print out of all her conditions, meds and surgeries instead of trying to remember it all.

It was confirmed that we were dealing with a sinus and ear infection, they were shocked at how deteriorated she looked because they suspected something much worse than that. I told them for her nothing is simple, they shook their heads in agreement. I suggested that she be given a dose of Rocephin followed with a ten-day course of antibiotics. The doctor agreed with my suggestions and she was sent home. After the IV dose of Rocephin she already looked so much better.  After a few days and no change with the ear infection I decided to start her on some ear drops which I had left over from her surgery in April and that did the trick.

That was exactly one week ago, today is the first day she is looking like herself again. She still has the tongue ulcers which I am treating with a mix of Benadryl and Mylanta that I apply with a q-tip to the affected area as needed for discomfort. The horrible odors the sinus and ear infection were causing have finally subsided and she is eating again. She lost three pounds in one week but her appetite is returning so I am very happy.

I finally got her insurance back on track and have scheduled her first doctor’s appointment. I’m so happy to be taking her back to her previous pediatrician, Dr. Lourdes Nieves, she ROCKS!! And the best part is she is not at the same practice that gave me so much grief about her medical records.

I also ended up getting sick, who knows why. To much stress, maybe? But I am feeling better too.



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