Dinner with friends

There is a friend I do miss dearly from NC, my friend Gina. Gina was my neighbor, she was true and honest and I truly appreciated her. She was my link to sanity while I lived there, she also helped me through a really ugly situation when another friendship went sour. She let me cry on her shoulder and tried to encourage me as best she could. I do miss our early morning conversations at the bustop.

I am also very happy to be home in Florida and close to all my family and friends. I never truly realized how much I needed them all until this past year. This post is long overdue as this was a month ago but it made me so happy so I wanted to share it.

My first dinner with friends at home. It was exciting as we awaited my BFF Glenna’s arrival for dinner, before we moved she would come to dinner on Friday night every couple of weeks. Then my cousin Maribel asked if she could stop by and my friend Elisa also stopped by. I don’t remember exactly what I made to eat but I know it was rice with meat and salad and my famous breaded eggplant. We sat and talked, we ate and had some wine. It was GREAT! It was really just what I needed to feel like I was truly home again. As we sat and ate I just kept eating the eggplant which I totally love and almost ate it all, I just could not resist. My cousin stopped me before I ate it all and reminded me I had to leave my daughter Emily some or she would have been upset with me since she was out with her friends.

It was a great dinner, there is nothing like being with your loved ones!

Dinner with Friends

The truest and most loving friend a girl could ask for.

DInner with friends


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