Nineteen years later

Wow….Nineteen years later! It’s hard to belive that I have been with my husband for Nineteen years, that is almost half my life. We were so young when we met and fell in love, I never imagined I would find myself here. We are so different, he is quiet and simple and I am loud, extravagant and crazy.  I often ask myself how we have made it this far but somehow it just works, I guess opposites do attract.

I guess I’m just super lucky to have found a good man to tolerate me because I’m a very difficult person to live with. I can be a bitch, I must have my way all the time and aside from my OCD I’m a control freak. While I don’t see these as flaws more like excessive qualities they can easily be misconstrued. He can see past my many quirks and love me for the good-natured human being I am.

Since Sophie has been so sick we put off our celebrating our anniversary for two weeks until I felt comfortable leaving her for a couple of hours. After being away from Florida for so long we were excited to venture out to Cityplace (downtown night life). That was the plan but on our way out I decided we would stay closer to home for my own peace of mind. We decided on Chilis for dinner and drinks followed by a movie.

We arrived at Chilis and they were packed, not too surprising but we got the most amazing waitress named Ana, she was from Columbia. She said I looked familiar and swore she knew me from somewhere but I assured her I just have one of those faces, I get it all the time. I shared a little about us and she was very interested in our story. Ana had apparently watched us all during our dinner and when we asked for the check I handed her a coupon for my free desert and told her to keep the change. It was a nice size tip because she deserved it, I like to pay it forward because I believe you get back what you give in the end. A few minutes later she came back to tell us her and her manager had been watching us through our dinner and could not belive how happy and positive we were despite our difficult journey. She then surprised us and told us the manager had comped our meals and we only had to pay for our drinks and she hoped we had a fabulous anniversary. That gesture was awesome and reduced my bill by half, you should know she still got her large tip.  I ended up emailing corporate and sharing our great expereience.

We ended the evening with a movie, it was good although it would have been better had my husband not slept through it. It’s his newest thing he falls asleep at the movie theatre all the time now.

My favorite part of the night was getting all dressed up and feeling like a million dollars. After so many years and so much stress you sometimes lose yourself. It reminds me of the old me, the me of 19 years ago. The young me full of energy and dreams.



DSC_0618 DSC_0611



Nineteen years…

Full of tears, hugs and laughter….

Full of love and memories we will always cherish….

And the most important gift of all is the family we were blessed with.

We started out with a look,

a look that still lives nineteen years later.

Marriage is always a work in progress.

Vow Renewal June 2010

Vow Renewal June 2010

After the weight loss


Before the kids






NEW PICS 055 (2)







March 24, 2012

March 24, 2012


18 years and counting!

18 years and counting!

Hubby & Me

Hubby & Me

Being SN parent aged me

Where it all began!

Where it all began!


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