34 years young!

Yup…that’s right I’m officially 34 years young!

Yesterday was my birthday. For me it was just another day, I spent the day running errands and went grocery shopping. Exciting right?! That’s the life of a busy mom. But I did manage to find the time to make myself a special dinner which I absolutely enjoyed and so did my family.

34 years youngFood is definitely my thing! I enjoyed sirloin steak smothered in steak sauce with onions and mushrooms sauteed over olive oil, yellow rice, breaded eggplant and panko shrimp. There is nothing like eating a meal you prepared with so much desire, Yum! That was my gift to myself.

The years pass like leaves blowing in the wind. Your life changes right before your eyes and than one day you look in the mirror and wonder how you got here. Where did those curves come from? And what about the lines all over your fingers, toes and under eyes. You wonder where your energy has gone too because it just doesn’t make sense, you feel like your twenty years old on the inside but on the outside what you have lived is visible.

I am proud to be 34 years old. To have experienced life, to have loved and cried. To have had the opportunity to give life to another human being and to have someone to share my life with. I am grateful to have the opportunity to age with grace. Each new line on my body tells a story of where I have been and what I have overcome.

Growing older can be tough and scary especially for women but I have decided I am growing young! My age is only a number who I truly am is the person within my soul.

Happy BIrthday to me! I pray God will continue to bless me with many more years to come.

34 years young!


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