She is 15….

My daughter Emily is 15 today!!  She is amazing, she is beautiful and loving and helps me more than words can describe. She is also Sophie’s favorite person in the whole world.

Because of so much going on in our lives I was not able to give her the traditional Quince (Sweet 15) us Latins usually celebrate. But she is awesome and totally understands. Next year though she will get her ‘Sweet 16″, God Willing, and boy does she deserve it.

And…..this Saturday I will be hosting a birthday party in her honor! She wants a traditional Cuban cuisine and she will get it all catered by no other than yours truly.

I don’t know what I would do without my daughter Emily. We talk about everything and I love that she still has that innocence about her. Beauty and light, how lucky am I!

Happy 15TH Birthday to my amazing daughter! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

She is 15!


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