Farewell, Talia Joy Castellano


Today the world said goodbye to an amazing young girl who has earned her wings and is now watching over us. It’s with a heavy heart that I write this post and say farewell to Talia Joy. The loss of a child even that child which is  not my own is painful. This illuminating young girl was dealt a difficult hand in her short life. I can only imagine the pain and sadness her family is living through. The tears flow endlessly as I write this but I wanted to honor her memory by sharing with the world the little I do know about her.

When Talia was just seven years old she was diagnosed with  stage four neuroblastoma cancer, a tumor that develops from  nerve tissue in infants and children. After treatment that included chemotherapy, radiation and surgery Talia was cancer free. But that joy was short-lived when in September 2008 the doctors found that the cancer had spread to a small lymph node near her heart.

For the next four years Talia received various  treatments, but after periods of remission the cancer continued to return to other parts of her body. Last year Talia revealed that she not only had neuroblastoma but that she also had leukemia. Despite the suggestions of her doctors she decided to forgo further surgeries and enjoy the rest of her days.

Talia was an inspiration to many, she had a huge support system of followers. Talia was a professional you-tube make-up Guru. This beautiful young girl did not allow this fate to destroy her, her light shined through it all.  Talia lived her life to the fullest surrounded by love, she was happy and only saw the beauty in the world.

Talia was a guest on the Ellen DeGeneres show, where Ellen was very inspired by this amazing young girl and stated how lucky she was to have met Talia.

Talia dreamed of becoming a fashion designer and earlier this year her dream was fulfilled as she collaborated on a line of clothing for teenagers with Los Angeles-based designer, Urbana Chappa. Ms Chappa decided to help fulfill Talia’s dream after hearing her inspiring story on the Ellen show. Ms Chappa flew to Florida to help bring Talia’s design ideas to life. Ms Chappa stated she wanted nothing more than to keep Talia’s legacy alive.

Talia was strong, beautiful soul. Her light will live on through the love she gave to others and her amazing love of life.

Angels for Talia Facebook page.

Talia Joy You-tube

Talia10 Talia9 Talia5 talia3 Talia Talia.6 Talia.4 Talia.1 Talia and Ellen


Our children are our light, we must allow them to shine before the world goes dark. They are our strength and our future. They endure and overcome many trials that many adults could not with such grace and acceptance. Let us learn from them. Let us learn from Talia, enjoy everyday as if it’s your last because no ones tomorrow is guaranteed.

Farewell Talia. You will be missed….


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