More than I could have asked for…

4.30.09_9It’s amazing that life can be so ironic. I thought I had it all figured out, I thought there was nothing else life could teach me. Boy, was I wrong! I would have never thought the cause of the worst and most difficult heartache I have ever experienced has also been the source of the greatest happiness.

Before Sophie was born I was cruising through life, working and just living. Sure we took vacations and went out alot but I was flying through life and the years were passing faster than I had realized. And then…….she was born. Sophie. The special little girl who would turn our lives upside down but also teach us how to live.

We learned to slow down and enjoy every moment. Our children were growing up and all the little details were slipping away. All the time we had lost with them became so apparent, all the wonderful and special moments we missed out on because we were living in fast forward mode were now starting to circle back to us.

When we were told of Sophie’s suspected horrible fate it became almost impossible to imagine what our futures would be like. I assumed we would have a child that was withdrawn and unable to communicate or understand anything. Boy, was I wrong again!

Today with a heart full of gratitude I can tell you Sophie has already surpassed what my expectations were for her. She has opened my eyes to the world of endless possibilities. She has made her siblings more aware and loving and ultimately they will be better human being because of her.

Today I can tell you that Sophie does understand, more than I could have ever imagined. Her comprehension is only growing more each day. Her ability and desire to communicate is intensifying and I belive she will one day speak. Her strength is amazing and she is always so happy.

She loves to be around people when she is able to tolerate it, when she becomes overstimulated all I have to do is say and sign home and she calms down and is ready to high tail herself back home to her safe place. But, she understands and that is awesome. She loves to play outside, she climbs the slide and swings on her hammock. And let’s not even get into the pool, she is a little fish.

She is eating like a teenager and trying to chew all on her own. She wants food and we can’t get it to her fast enough. She is mastering using her index finger and now wants to play on the IPAD all the time. She is not into her videos anymore unless they are music, she wants to play…with toys!

She may not know her colors or numbers yet but they will come. She is only four. In the last year she has made the biggest leaps in her developmental progress yet. I cannot even begin to imagine how far she will soar but I look forward to helping her find her way.

Oh yeah! My Sophie is awesome and I’m gloating about it. Not only has she survived and fought for her life but she has proved that love, dedication and perseverance is power!



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