We are back with Dr. Nieves!

Dr. Nieves was Sophie doctor from the time she was about 7 months old until we moved to North Carolina last year, 2+ years. She was a critical part of our lives, she became a part of our family. She loves Sophie, she genuinely cares and that made all the difference from the start. Dr. Nieves was the one who helped me find my voice as I learned to advocate for my daughter, she told me that doctors work for me and that I should never tolerate negativity nor allow anyone to set limits to who Sophie will be or how far she will go. She was also honest about the difficult realities we must face regarding Sophie’s health.

Leaving to North Carolina terrified me as I did not know what type of doctor I would find to fill Dr. Nieves’ shoes. I was very lucky to have found a wonderful pediatrician, Dr. B, who was very caring and thorough. But, I always felt a little bit of emptiness after we left FL. I had a hard time getting Sophie into specialist in NC because the waits were long and the schedules were restricted. The doctors who did see Sophie in NC were wonderful and I am very grateful to them.

In Florida we already had such a great support team of doctors, there was a level of comfort with them because they followed Sophie for so long. When we decided to return to Florida I cried at the thought of returning Sophie to all here previous doctors, I was so happy. I have been very blessed that all of Sophie’s doctors here in Florida have always been on their game and have always given Sophie the extra care she has needed.

Once I got the insurance issues settled I made the appt to get in to see Dr. Nieves. She is no longer with the group she was with before she is now at a non for profit clinic, I told you she ROCKS!! She is one of those doctors who loves what she does day in and out and always has a smile on her face.

Dr. Nieves was ecstatic when she saw us and gave me the longest hug, I wanted to cry but was too excited. We had been in touch throughout the last year via email so she was already up to date with all the issues we have had with Sophie’s health. She also brought with her one of the other employees from the previous office and she was also so excited to see us. They were AMAZED with Sophie’s progress and when the doctor saw Sophie walking she practically screamed with excitement. Yeah, it was awesome! Sophie looked at the doctor as if saying “Hey, I wondered where you were?” Sophie even leaned over so that Dr. Nieves would pick her up.

Our girl lost some weight because she had been really sick the last few weeks so she is back down to 28lbs but the doctor found her in good health. Next week we see ENT, Pulmonary, Immunology and GI. I literally clapped and yelled in excitement with each appt I scheduled, I love that I did not have to wait more than a week from the date I called to schedule them.

As always I was overly prepared with information about PCD (Primary Ciliary Dyskenisia) for the doctor ( Sophie’s newest diagnosis) and lists of medical updates and she said she knew I would be on my game. She got me all the necessary scripts and said she would have all her documents ready in the system for when the school board requests it and she stated she will write a letter of medical necessity for an aid. Great minds think alike! We talked about my looking into charter schools instead of a public school and she liked my plan.

I so needed this day. All the positive energy this visit brought us just felt so right, I’m so happy to be back home. And I am even happier Dr. Nieves is once again the head of Sophie’s medical team.

And Dr. Nieves keeps the poem with photos of Sophie I wrote her as a going away gift on her desk, she loves to see it everyday! Dr. Nieves is truly a blessing in our lives.





One thought on “We are back with Dr. Nieves!

  1. Tito Burgos

    Good morning:
    What a beautiful message!. You do not know me but I just wonder if could send my salutes to Dr Nieves on my behalf. Tell her that I still remember her and wish her all the happiness she deserves.Tell her that I am Tito Burgos, an old friend who always keep her in my prayers. And if she wants to send me and e-mail I will receive it with joy. lmburgosmedero@gmail.com. God bless you.


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