Girls night!


Last night was girls night, a much-needed night out. My cousin Maribel invited me out for a Brazilian meat feast. As young girls we were always close, before we moved from Orlando to West Palm Beach I used to come and spend several weeks of the summer here with her. We always had a great connection.

When my family moved here I was 11 years old and while we still got along great we did not hang out as much anymore. In school we would stop and greet each other but we each had our own circle of friends. As the years passed we drifted, seeing each other every few years but it was always as if it had been only a few weeks that we hadn’t seen each other. In the last few years more so after Sophie’s birth we have been growing closer, reclaiming the relationship we once had. Even after so  many years we still get along so great.

It was nice to be out alone with her and not surrounded by my children screaming around us. It felt awesome to get out of my comfy mommy clothes and slip into some lady attire, fix my hair and apply make up. I rarely use make so when I do use it I feel very elegant.

We had a great evening. I finally met her husband, they make such a great couple. We shared some wine, food and about three hours of non-stop conversation. Oh how I needed that! I look forward to many more of these girls nights to come. My kids love having her over so I have to share her with them too.

I’m making it a priority to make time for myself. Time to get together with friends and family with and without all the kids. I realize how much I need time without the kids, it’s healthy for me and for them so this is going to become part of the norm.


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