Invisible words

Invisible words

We live in an age where technology is an integral part of our everyday. We rely on it often too much. We often forget that before all of the technological advances in communication people interacted with each other without the necessity of emails and text’s. We met up and talked, we used our phones to call each other and life was simpler then.

What we have yet to realize is that by using technology for communication sometimes our words can become invisible, subject to interpretation by the receiver. Many times the interpretation is nowhere near the tone in which we wanted our words to be heard. Sometimes the easy way turns out to cost you more than you could have imagined.

In the heat of a moment when we are emotional and heart-broken we react. Sometimes we overreact and all it does is escalate a situation. Words are taken out of context and words can become twisted. Emotions become tense, the hurt grows and what was once meant as an attempt to resolution ends in the destruction of something that was once great.

And then you wish you would have just had the strength to look into each others eyes because only then would the true nature in which words were meant would have been understood. Written words can be invisible, we write them expecting others to know exactly how we meant to express ourselves. The emotion used to write the words is not visible and therein lies the problem. Words can be so black and white.

I had the opportunity to take words that had been shared in black and white and give those words their feelings and meanings. I had the opportunity to look into a persons eyes and understand the feelings with which their words were said. I had the opportunity to express and explain what my words meant. And then we sat there and realized we both could have reacted differently. You can’t take back what has already been said or done but I am grateful we were strong enough to face the truth so we can move forward.

Invisible words can be powerful, they can take something that was once great and break it. We can’t go back and pick up where we left off but we can move forward with peace. And even when you bring light to a situation and clear any negativity related to it, what’s done is done. You cannot live your life with resentment or negativity and we must have the strength to make the first move, to follow your heart to set things right.

We must be careful with our words and not underestimate their power.


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