She is eating…

For the longest time feeding has been a huge challenge for Sophie, for us. The challenges have been from aspirating, choking and the inability to control the muscles in her mouth that are necessary for chewing and food placement. After learning how to chew and swallow without choking, then, regressing not once but twice I thought feeding would always be one of Sophie’s biggest challenges. But, just as she does with everything else she has once again surprised me.

Weaning Sophie off of Pediasure was the best decision I could have made. Sophie’s appetite has increased by 98%, she is always hungry. It’s GREAT!!! We have waited for this day for so long. When Sophie was on the Pediasure she was not very interested in food and  we also had the little problem of choking. I don’t know what changed in her or maybe she is just moving along developmentally and it all came together just as we changed our focus to her feeding.

She now eats a variety of foods, and I am extremely proud to say I no longer have to puree her meals. She is now able to tolerate foods like rice and oatmeal without requiring pureeing, I still use a fork to mash-up some foods but it’s alot less than before.

Sophie was never interested in juices until now. I recently purchased a juicer and we were amazed at how much she enjoyed a cup of juice made from fresh fruits and vegetables with no  added ingredients. This is also great because I can add in an immune boosting variety of juices into her daily routine.

Today I blended some frozen bananas with whole milk to make a heavy ice cream and she surprised me and ate it all; she has never liked cold foods. Well, that was until now. She also reached onto the counter with her slim long arm and ripped off a piece of banana cake which she ate and then turned around and asked for more.

The surprising part of this big change is all is the amount of food she is eating, she will eat a half a cup of food plus ten ounces of milk or water in one feeding several times a day. It’s crazy when only a few months ago she would not eat a half a cup of food for the entire day and only wanted milk.

Now she signs when she is hungry on her own or will sign eat if you ask her if she is hungry. It is truly wonderful.  I thought this day would be one I would be wishing for many years to come and yet here it is.

When people ask me if Sophie will ever talk I used to say that I didn’t know but now after watching her learn to say mama and now as she is learning to eat I now believe she will one day have more words.  Being a special needs parent has taught me so much and I have learned so many critical aspects of development; now that I know that we use the same muscles to eat that we do to speak I only see great things in Sophie’s future.


2 thoughts on “She is eating…

  1. Mila

    Great news! Franco’s pediatrician told us once Franco is 1 year we should change his milk to pediasure. But following your experience and other moms, it seems that pediasure may not be convinient for Franco. Also, pediasure is coming from the same brand than similac, he had terrible problems with this milk when he was 3 months, we tried similac neosure and similac comfort which supposed to work fine for the gases; unfortunately, both made him had constipation and terrible disgestion, respectively. After that, we changed to Novolac AC (French brand) which is working fine for him. I am thinking that I will keep his milk but I now have to decrease his intake, slowly of course, to increase his solids. I must admit that sometimes I feel fustrated when I don’t see progress on Franco’s oral feeding. Nevertheless, today your post gave me hope for Franco to improve his oral feeding and avoid the G-tube.

    1. My Dance in the Rain Post author

      Hello Mila!
      Don’t get me wrong Pediasure did help the problem was it took over all other forms of nutrician. Without it I am pretty sure we would have had to have a g-tube because Sophie would not gain weight. I just became too afraid to try and wean her off.

      Never lose hope! And remember that there are many options, our children are all different and it is not a one size fits all solution. If you did need Pediasure and it was the only thing that could help do not turn away from it because of my post. I am grateful it served it’s purpose and we were able to move on. Good luck! Keep me posted and thank you for stopping by!


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