It’s the little things



It’s the little things that teach you life’s biggest lessons and show you your biggest blessings.

The way your children smile and the sound of their laughter.

The love that emanates from your partner when they look at you….especially after nineteen years.

Watching the child you were once told would never be capable of comprehension walk over, open the cabinet door and attempt to get a straw for her milk as your pouring her a cup.

A phone call, text or card from someone who cares about you, just because they were thinking of you.

A hug or embrace from someone you love.


Watching you two year old share frosting with his little big sister because he loves her so much.

Watching your children enjoy a meal or desert you made them with so much love and knowing they truly enjoyed it.

Watching your child glow when their friends tell them they have the coolest mom.

Dinner with friends.

Visiting with your brother more than once a week and loving the way he interacts with your children.

Girls night out.

Movie dates.

Tequila, Vodka and Wine……Let’s just say Liquor in general.

Watching your children play in the pool or swing on a hammock.

Knowing all your kids are at home and yet the house is so peaceful.

Parties. Especially Birthday & Halloween parties.

The privilege of witnessing your children grow into young men and women and being a part of helping them find themselves.

It’s the little things that make life worth living.


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