New word “Milk”

I am so happy to share that Sophie has a new word! She can already say “mama” and has attempted to say “more” on various occasions. It seems the only sound she is really able to master right now  is the “M” but I have many hopes for her.

Yesterday while I was asking her if she wanted milk because I always ask her to encourage the use of signs and verbal sounds she shocked me with the word “milk”. To the untrained ear it would have sounded like a mumble but when you have a loved one with special needs you become more aware and often pick up on the smallest and most difficult milestones or accomplishments.

And so being the OCD mom that I am I began to ask her to say it over and over again. And she did a couple of times until she just did not want to anymore. This morning I began on my quest of helping her master this new word by asking her throughout the day to say it.  She will say it but not from my request. My lovely daughter has selective hearing, meaning, she chooses who to listen too and usually it is her big sister and her daddy. Forget mommy!

So now I would like to take this moment to show you Sophie’s new word. For a child who is considered to be severely developmentally disabled and is non verbal this is more than a simple milestone! This is moving a mountain, defying medical professionals and proving to the world that “SHE CAN”.

There are no limits only those we create. Enjoy my happiness with me!


8 thoughts on “New word “Milk”

  1. mamajoyx9

    Yes, Yes, YES!!!!! This is so HUGE!!!!!!! Yes, she can! I wonder if she knows just how amazing it is that she can say milk? I have found it helpful to encourage Noah to continue using his signs even once he can start saying the word. I think neurologically and motor planning wise, it really helps to have some sort of accompanying action that is easy to go along with speech which is difficult. Don’t we take speech for granted in our typical children? It really is an amazingly difficult process.

    Blessings to you – hope you all celebrated this in a big way!


    1. My Dance in the Rain Post author

      Thank you so much Alyson! So many of us take the simplist abilities for granted without realizing how truly important they are. I am grateful that I now understand and appreciate life so much more.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Hayden Nanton

    Wow…this is great and is not simply a milestone, it’s like a 100 mile-stone for someone or a group who the medical field holds out little hope for. We celebrate in all your MAJOR successes cause this is what these are MAJOR successes. Thanks for sharing and all continued success with your precious bundle.


  3. Tommie

    I love this! I’m so happy for you and for Sophie. I love that she’s finding her voice and letting you hear it. I also love that she got tired of saying and refused to do so anymore. That just shows spunk. She’s a tough girl, your Sophie.


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