He has cancer


My brother Luis and I are close, we always have been; we have a great connection and understand each other. I could not have asked for a more wonderful brother.

Since our return to Florida we have become closer than ever and his relationship with my children has blossomed. He invited us to a long weekend in Orlando a few weeks ago, it was awesome and at just the perfect time. He bought me a new television for my living room since my old one was defective and the new one is even bigger. He even took over buying my kids all their school supplies and it was all just because. Just because he wanted too. He has such a kind heart and I am proud to be his sister. He is such a kid a heart he is so fun to be around.

For the last eight years my brother has been battling unknown physical pains throughout his body. He has experienced light headed-ness, black outs, inability to sleep and complete loss of stamina that has reduced his ability to enjoy his life. He has visited an array of specialists over the years and no one could give him answers. One doctor did tell him that there was a reason his lymph nodes were swollen and that he did have something but they were just unable to detect it. Year after year of no results he stopped going to doctors until now.

Today my brother Luis, a 35-year-old young man was diagnosed with testicular cancer. A man who loves life, who has known for many years that something was wrong but was accused of it all being in his mind.  A man who has searched for someone to validate what he already knew deep down inside, something was very wrong. We know our bodies better than anyone, it’s unbearable to hear time after time that there is nothing wrong when you feel that there is.

Life is unfair. Life can be cruel but we will stand strong against darkness. We will fight this head on. My brother is surrounded by positive thoughts and energy, he has a long list of people who care about him and most importantly, he is loved. He is not alone and we will get through this. He is young and strong and ready for a fight. Cancer can not win, we will not let it.

He has cancer. But he is here and ready to fight. And he is not alone.

We love you Luis, always and forever we will be by your side!!


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