How could I not be?


Crazy, delusional and in my own fantasy world? Oh how I wish! These were the words used to describe me recently. It’s a good thing I don’t care what people think about me anymore, I’m way past that. When you live my life for at least one day then maybe your opinion will matter, if your worthy of it.

I thought it was funny, delusional and in my own fantasy world! Oh how I wish, I sure as hell would not be living this difficult life. I would have a healthy child and not have to worry about financial struggles and my life would be so simple. Oh, if only it were true that would be so wonderful!

Crazy. Yeah I’ll take crazy but only because I already know that. My husband has been telling me I have a screw loose for many years now, it’s our inside joke. My husband loves me just the way I am, my craziness always keeps him on his toes.

Of course I’m crazy, how else would I have survived my life which has been nothing less than an emotional rollercoaster since I was a child. How else would I manage to raise seven children with no support from family let alone one with special needs. How else would I cope with the fact that I could lose my daughter at any moment. How else would I make it through day after day. Especially now that my brother has been diagnosed with cancer. Tell me, how?

How…because crazy is my normal. I’d rather be crazy and true to myself than trying to be like everyone else. I’m crazy. I’m loud. I’m emotional. I’m honest. I’m difficult. I love with all my heart and I have no problem saying goodbye to people who only bring heartache and negativity to my life.

So yeah I’m crazy and proud of it.

Oh it would be nice if people would look in the mirror before criticizing others. If only we lived in a different world without anger and criticisms, oh there goes my crazy again…my mind wandering off into the what if’s. I’m crazy I tell you! Watch out it might be contagious. Oh no! I think my kids are in danger of inheriting it! Watch out world more crazies coming your way (Hope you had a laugh this morning, I sure needed one).


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