Tomorrow is never promised.

I know all too well that no tomorrow is promised. Life happens and we sometimes have no say in the outcome. Bad stuff happens, sometimes over time or in an instant. When there is so much despair sometimes we have a loss of time that accompanies such dark moments because we are in such shock. We may not know what our future holds but we can certainly live our every moment enjoying and spending time with those we love.

So in these moments of despair as we adjust to overcome my families newest battle, cancer, that has afflicted my brother Luis.  We will live in the moment. We will laugh as much as possible. We will hug each other and take pictures more than we ever did before. We will make sure we all know how much we love each other because in the end that is what matters.

It’s so important to live in the now. We become so consumed with our daily routines  and we make excuses for not making time for family and friends. And then when the unthinkable happens you wish you would have made the time and put in the effort.

Since we moved back to Florida I have made it a priority to be with the people we love. My house may not be spotless, I have a ton of laundry piled around the house and I have not detailed my car in over a month. Those things do not bother me anymore. Instead of filing the two bins of paperwork I have waiting for me I took my kids to the beach. Instead of folding or ironing clothes I sit down and cuddle with my babies. Instead of taking an hour to blow dry my hair or work out I watch movies with my kids, play outside and make them deserts.

We are here today, I will not wait for tomorrow because tomorrow is not promised. And yesterday…….well. Yesterday is gone in what seems like the blink of an eye. And when all is said and done and we have overcome yet another stone life has thrown at us we will have made beautiful memories and will appreciate each other and our lives so much more.

Our younger years…


Luis Alexander, My brother.


Luis, my mother, my aunt Ivette and I’m the little one with all the hair!


My brother Luis the cute one in the glasses and I’m in the green posing as always.


Luis was Blonde!


Me and my grandmother.


I’m the sassy one! I still have that costume.


Can’t deny I was always different and my own person.


Yes….I was in beauty pageants.


Luis jumping with excitement, me sitting proper on the tube.


Luis and our younger sister.

1_27 1_44 1_65


My siblings! Luis, Jessica and Gloria


2 thoughts on “Tomorrow is never promised.

  1. stacia kaplan

    wow, charity! i enjoyed your words and the pictures were great – i had to ask, the picture of the siblings, the one in the middle, jessica, is that ariana’s mom? they look so alike. the one of you and your grandma i see so much of Sophie in you. old pictures are the greatest 🙂


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