Happy this week 9/13/2013

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Happy This Week

Happy This Week

Today I am happy for so many reasons but more than anything for my family and friends. Life would be so lonely and empty with them.

We received promising news yesterday from the pathology report of the malignant tumor that was removed from my brother this week (I will update soon in another post).

Sophie is in a fight with a nasty sinus and respiratory infection. But, her body seems to be trying to fight it which is new and great news. I am ready to run to the doctor or ER if I need too but I am allowing her immune system time to build. RIght now I have all the meds that will keep her stable.

I am happy this week because after so many years of discord and complications with my mother in law…….we are finally getting along. Yes, you read right! I thought for a minute that would never happen but as I have learned, never say never. I let go of the past and all the negativity that was hiding there and that opened the door to forgiveness.  Partly I think she just feels bad with how stressful my life is and being away from us so long made her realize how much she misses the kids.

My husband is working! Finally!! After almost three months of no job. HE IS WORKING!!

AND finally…For my life. I am happy to be here today and thankful to God for blessing me in so many ways. Despite my many struggles I have so many blessings in my life, those blessings are what keep me going through my trials.





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