Why? I used to ask myself all the time but now I realize that there isn’t always a why.

Why do good people suffer so much while cruel and evil people do not?

Why do women who are incapable of loving and don’t even care about their own live’s have children and women who would be amazing mothers can not?

Why don’t grandparents who live out-of-town and only visit once a year have any interest in seeing their grandchildren for more than an hour when they are in town? And why is a phone call so hard for them to make?

Why do we forge friendships to end up heartbroken?

Why do your friends treat you better than your own family?

Why are children born sick and have to suffer so much?

Why are children starving and homeless while criminals eat three meals a day or roam the streets free?

Why is life so unfair to so many?

Why is there so much hatred, discrimination and war in the world? I thought we were human beings, was I wrong?

Why are we teaching our children to be vain and selfish and not to be kind to others and appreciate what they have?

Why is it ok to have sexual references on all daytime TV? Pre-teens kissing on the Disney channel, REALLY??

Why has money become more important than life?

Where did we lose our humanity?

Why? Why? Why?

So many questions and no answers. We live in an unjust world were life just does not make sense sometimes. And some days like today I won’t even bother trying to understand it.


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