Good news for my brother

Update on my brother Luis.

The oncologist we went to see has seen my brother on previous occasions in the past few years as my brother searched for answers on his still unexplained body pain. This was also the doctor who told my brother that although they were not able to detect what was going something is in fact going on in his body.  He even took bone marrow from my brother several years ago as they searched for answers, this doctor is very thorough. And I might add extremely detailed and professional, he was awesome.

My brother’s prognosis looks good! The oncologist explained that my brother had a stage I Seminoma testicular tumor; very treatable especially when found early on. He has several swollen lymph nodes in his stomach behind his organs. This alarmed the urologist but the oncologist has seen this before in several of the scans my brother had done over the years.

Other than the swollen lymph nodes there were no other signs of the cancer spreading, HOORAY! We are awaiting one last scan of my brother’s neck which was not performed on his scan last week, we want to be as thorough as possible.

The treatment plan will consist of one HUGE dose of chemotherapy to eliminate any cancer cells hiding out in his body and then monitor from there. My brother will have his chemo treatment next week, he may get sick and most likely lose his hair but he will live and that’s what matters. Performing this large dose of chemo will reduce the recurrence odds dramatically so we feel it is well worth it.

Because chemotherapy can affect the reproductive process and he will be receiving a very large dosage my brother has opted to freeze some sperm, just incase. And if after it is all done can reproduce with no problem well then he was only out a couple hundred bucks for what could have been a major life event. My brother is only 35, he plans to have a family of his own one day once he finds the right woman for him and cancer is not going to get in the way of that.

To all of my friends and prayer warriors, thank you! I know prayer works, I know the many voices and petitions combined work miracles. As I saw all the prayers and well wishes coming through during this time of trial it comforts me to know that there are still so many good people left int he world.




2 thoughts on “Good news for my brother

  1. My Rivers Ride

    I was thinking of you all last night and how he was doing! Continued prayers sent his way and your way!!! Great thinking that he decided for opting for the freezing! Please continue to keep us posted. Much love many hugs and prayers to you all!


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