A good change so far

I’ve been feeling great. Actually, it had been years since I have felt this great! I’m more relaxed, I have not cried for almost two weeks and I just feel like myself a little more each day. Sadly though the medication I was taking began giving me chest pain so my doctor switched it. Too bad because it was really helping me.

I started the new meds last night and so far I do not like it. I’m jittery and did not sleep well, not fun. But, I have a friend who takes the same meds and they said it takes a few days to regulate and the symptoms will level out. I sure hope so because what I am feeling right now is not something I am willing to live with.

On a good note my doctor found me in better spirits and my blood work came back normal, no thyroid issues and I’m still in the normal range for no diabetes. One more point above and I will be in the will develop diabetes risk box so I have to work hard on eating healthy and exercising. I’m waiting on a call about my x-ray from my left hip which has been causing me pain and swelling for the last eight months. Fingers crossed it’s nothing serious but in the mean time I’m not really thinking about it.


I felt so lost for so long it’s nice to see myself again. My husband told me yesterday that  these last two weeks I have been a different person and he is happy to see me doing so well. The fact that others notice that I am happier is a huge plus. Trying to find balance with so much going on in my life is hard but not impossible. It may take me a little extra time but I am finding my balance.

Oh yeah…and to aid in my self discovery transformation I went back to blonde! I love being a blonde!!1380493_10202179206910626_998679790_n


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