Treatment update

Yesterday I followed up with Dr. Nieves, Sophie’s pediatrician. I wanted to see if there was anything we could do to give Sophie some temporary relief until the paperwork was processed for the Levaquin the ENT prescribed to be administered via the nasal irrigator as a new treatment plan.

Sophie had improved some from the previous day but was still coughing, spewing mucous and extremely congestion. Oh and dehydrated, because she was feeling so horrible she refused to eat or drink anything in the days before.

Dr. Nieves was not happy that the infection we had ben trying to fight off for a month was being exceptionally stubborn. After evaluating Sophie she told me it was time to admit her, I started crying. I am not a fan of hospitals, I think I am still traumatized by the 6 weeks Sophie was in the NICU and each hospitalization after that. Watching your child suffer is so hard, even when you know the poking and tests are all for the greater good.

Of course me being my stubborn self I tried to negotiate with the doctor asking if maybe a higher dose of rocephin injections would work, just to hold her off for a couple of days but even I knew that was no longer an option. I’m terrified Sophie will contract a bacteria worse than whatever she is fighting at the moment. Sometimes though what I want is not what is best for my girl, it’s a good thing I can accept that.

Dr. Nieves was right, Rocephin was no longer working which means her body had built up resistance to that medicine too. Dr. Nieves said that if we take the chance of waiting for days without trying to clear up this infection which was affecting her lungs, Sophie could deteriorate to the point of no return. I never knew a person could deteriorate so quickly until I had my little girl, she could be fine one moment and in a matter of hours be in critical condition. It is one of the scariest experiences of my life.

So I cried being the emotionally distraught person I am. Dr. Nieves and the nurse hugged me and reassured me everything was going to be alright. I swung by the house for medical records and my laptop because Sophie will only watch certain programs and thankfully the hospital has free WIFI.

Once checked in arrangements were made for x-rays to be taken which did not happen until the following day. We waited for over five hours to get the IV placed and the nurse we were assigned was new and very unorganized. I am not one to complain much so I gave him the benefit of the doubt, he was trying and stayed several hours after his shift to make sure Sophie got her IV in place before he left.

Sophie was started on the IV antibiotic Merrem, this is a new one that we had not tried yet. The nutritionist remembered us even though it has been almost two years since Sophie was last hospitalized at this hospital. She stopped by to make sure we had what we needed like thickener and checked in on Sophie’s nutritional progress.

It was almost midnight and they had not yet come for x-rays when I told the nurse they would have to wait until morning because my girl had to rest. She had a good night, we had an amazing nurse who came in almost hourly just to check the IV site since Sophie’s veins are so small and we struggled to get the IV in place. She also did vitals every three hours and did not wake Sophie up once. She rocked!!!!

The next morning came, x-rays were taken and Sophie’s lungs sounded so much better. The floor doctor said that we would wait for the infectious disease doctor to come in and hopefully give us direction. Before the specialist came in we got the results that Sophie’s lungs looked good but her sinuses did not. And then we waited.

(to be continued…..)



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