Making a comeback!


It’s been almost three months since I stopped writing. I thought that I needed to give up writing, that giving up my blog would somehow help me set my already set path in perspective without sharing my every thought with the world. I have had time to reflect on how my writing affects me and truly explore how this blog fit into my life. I miss it, more than I imagined I would. This blog has been an essential part keeping me off of the “coo coo wagon” as I’ve learned to travel down the path of my new life in the world of special needs parenting.

I started blogging to share my daughters story and somehow I began to pour myself into the mix, I realize now that I am a part of her story just as much as she is a part of mine. So why not write about myself too.

So after long thought I decided I would make a comeback to the blogging world, the freedom I feel when I write is very fulfilling and something I will not deny myself. Life is too short to not do all the things you love.

Soo……….I’M BACK!!


6 thoughts on “Making a comeback!

  1. annmariegubenko

    Yahoooooo!!!!! I tried to quit, too. It was short-lived. What is it about blogging that we can’t quit? I suppose it is a little like therapy and without it, all of our thoughts get all jumbled making it hard to stay sane. 🙂


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