There is always light


In a world full of darkness sometimes it is difficult to see the light.

But, there is light.

In a world where discrimination is everywhere, it is a scary unknown where the future will lead us. But there is light; it lies within those who speak it, who use their words to right a wrong. Those who are full on kindness and love and do not allow the darkness to shadow their light.

In a world where faith seems scarce and the world can feel Godless you can see the darkness shadowing above; then you cross paths with one person who has enough faith,  compassion and love to restore your hope that Goodness will prevail.

In a world where vanity, greed and self-preservation have become the priority in the lives of  those who surround us; we worry if humanity will survive. But then you realize there is still more good than bad, that there is more love than hate and you can feel the positive energies flowing through you if refuse to open your heart to darkness.

There is always light, you may find yourself wondering in the darkness but if you focus on the light you will always find your way to it.



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