Your almost 5.


Sophie. Your fifth birthday is only two months away, my heart is full of joy that you are still with us on this earth. From the day of your birth I have feared losing you. When we were told you would not live past the age of two and if you did that you would be in a vegetative state it shattered the dreams I had for you. There was so much heartache that I feared I would not be able to overcome the challenges we were gearing up to face. But today I can tell you that we have faced them and tomorrow will be another day with its own fight. We have fought for you as you have fought for your life. As a team, full of love and an unmeasurable amount of hope that has carried us to today.

You are going to be 5.

These almost five years since your birth have been the most difficult times of my life,  and yet they have also been some of the most beautiful ones. You my beautiful little girl are amazing! You are stronger than words can describe, you have the determination of millions in one tiny little soul. You are happiness and love.

You are my miracle.

You are my inspiration.

You are the reason I am the woman I see when I look in the mirror everyday.

With each day that passes I have new dreams for you. They may be not be the same dreams I once had for you because you my love are not the child I imagined you would be. You are unique as every individual is. I have new dreams for you, I wish for you to have a life full of happiness and health. That you may live to experience the world in all its beauty in your own way.  I dream of you growing into a beautiful young lady, watch you laugh and participate in life as you will always be surrounded by people who love you.

I know that your life will not have the same direction as the lives of your brothers and sisters. I know that you will grow and remain by my side. I know that your innocence will never cease and I love you exactly the way God made you.

You ARE my little girl. You ARE the little girl we had hoped for when we decided to add another child to our family.

You are perfection in the eyes of God and in my heart my sweet little girl. I pray that one day you will understand just how much you are loved. I pray that one day you may learn to know how much good your life has brought to this world.

You have changed me, you have changed us and you were a beautiful gift in disguise. Ahead of you is a limitless world full of opportunities that will never cease as long as you are still here with us.

I love you. We love you, ALWAYS!



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