Finding and accepting myself

It has been a very rough few years for me and my family, if you are a regular follower you know why. If you are new to my blog as I have many new followers here is a little flash back.

I had a rough childhood which lead to alot of emotional issues from a young age. I had my first child at sixteen, he is now 18. I then proceeded to have five more children throughout the next sixteen years. I was lucky to have found a great guy who loves me and puts up with me because I am not an easy load to carry. I battled with my own emotional stability for many years and then hit rock bottom after the birth of my fifth child Sophie, who happens to have Cri du Chat syndrome a rare genetic disorder. Sophie also has a long list of medical issues including a recently diagnosed rare lung disease called PCD. I’m still with the same great guy, I don’t know how he has put up with me for so long and we took custody of my niece a couple of years ago which brings our clan to a total of 7 kids. Yes. 7.

Fast forward to 2012. After searching for an easier way out and what we thought were better benefits for our daughter we moved to North Carolina. After 11 months we returned to Florida but not empty hearted.

The move to North Carolina helped me in more ways than I could have imagined. It helped me truly find myself. It was a difficult journey but in the end it was so worth it. The return to Florida proved to be a huge challenge but it helped me realize that I was more than what I had given myself credit for, for so many years.

In the last year I have come to let go of my obsession with my looks and accept myself for the woman I am today. I have learned to value my accomplishments and goals and found the strength to forgive myself for my mistakes and move forward to a better tomorrow. I’ve learned to let go of anger, and forgive others. No more grudges.

I am grateful for all the experiences life has given me, the good with the bad. I have been blessed with wonderful people in my life and I will never take them for granted again. I freed myself of people who weighed me down and made peace with someone who was always special to me. And although we may never be the way we were again that bond we had will always live on.

It is truly amazing how much you can change your life when you accept yourself for who you truly are. True happiness can only come from within and no one can give you that but yourself, a lesson that can only be learned from experience.



5 thoughts on “Finding and accepting myself

    1. My Dance in the Rain Post author

      I don’t have time to play your games. Go ahead and waist your time I will just keep deleting you. If you have somehting to say to me have the guts to say it personally not hide behind a keyboard. You seriously need to find somehting productive to fulfill your time, I feel sorry for you! Have a great evening.

  1. Rotfcopter

    Charity, responding only gives her validity. And she probably doesn’t have any in real life so don’t entertain her by probably being the only one that acknowledges her.


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