Why I hate the R-word


Yesterday another CdC mom posted about the use of the R-word on facebook, after I commented on her post several times I bowed out of the stream because, well….I will not fuel ignorance. I refuse to allow myself to argue with ignorant close minded individuals who cannot see passed what they want to see. The more I try to educate people the more disappointed I am in the direction our society is headed in.

I HATE the words Retard or Retarded, the same way I HATE the words faggot or Niger; those are words that are used with malice and hate. We live in an era with so much technological advancement but despite our many advances as a human race we have yet reach to the most important achievements in ourselves. Acceptance,  Peace, Understanding and Love. It starts within ourselves, we must love ourselves not who we think we are or the material things in our lives. Instead what we see are people obsessed with vanity, huge ego’s, negativity and hate, and believe it or not it all ties together. Sadly this is what our younger generation is learning and this is why it is so important to educate people, especially the younger generation.

The R-word is a hateful, sad word. It has been and is still being used as a way to describe someone who is worth less than another, that is wrong. We are all worth the same, a human life and there is no price tag on that. We are ALL different, there are no two people exactly alike in the world, think about how boring the world would be if we were all the same.

People defend the use of the word and say it’s use is no big deal that it is taken out of context, that is only what they tell themselves so that they can continue to use it and feel no remorse for the lives they may affect.

ANY word used in a hateful, demeaning and insulting manner is WRONG.  Words matter, a simple hello or goodbye could change a person’s life forever, and I will never understand why people think it is ok to use negative words like the R-word. The R-word is a word that has been used to separate, discriminate and demean others since it was first originated. Saying it in a joke or to a friend does not erase the essence of the word, the word is tainted by the affected lives that follow it, by the pain it has caused and continues to cause and the lives of those forced to live in the shadows because of it.

I was never a fan of that word even before I became the mother of a child with Special Needs, but being on the receiving end of the word is more heartbreaking than people imagine. It is difficult for many to understand because they do not know the pain that follows the word. It can be devastating and is devastating.

We must choose not to use hate, we must choose to want to make a difference. This is our world, these are our children. What are we teaching our younger generation if we remain in silence if we do not find the strength to speak up, and teach wrong from right.

We all have a choice between good and bad, we are all taught this as children as we are all taught that actions have consequences, a word can be just as devastating as an action. The choice is yours but think about where our civilization will be in thirty years if no one speaks up, or stands up to make a change, to do what is right.

 End the Word 2013

The R-Word and why it’s wrong



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