What made me happy this week 5/16/14

Today I’m linking up with Elastamom’s Excerpts in Happy this week!


It’s been a while since I have participated in a link up but I am making an extra effort to make for time for the things I enjoy for myself. This week has been busy as usual but there are plenty of things that make me happy and it’s important to  be thankful for all of those moments.

I started back at the gym this week! That has made me very happy, I signed up over a month ago but I have been so busy and was just making one excuse after another. Last week I told myself I would start no matter what and I did. My body hates me right now but I feel great about myself. Being healthy is extremely important to me.

I was home in time so see Sophie in action participating with her teacher. It was awesome!!!! Such an amazing moment to witness her dedication and comprehension, she has come such a long way. Here is the video Sophie & Ms. Liz.

I’m getting a new patio. I am renewing my rental lease and asked the landlord for a cement patio and he agreed and they are starting this weekend.  A 16’X16′ cement patio, just in time for a party I’m hosting next week. And the best part is I can finally take Sophie’s trampoline out of the box because I will have somewhere to put it.

I am just grateful for such a great year and so many wonderful people in my life, that makes me happy everyday! I have a lot to be grateful for but for this week those were my highlights!!




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