Happy 35th Birthday to Me!

Who knew what a crazy journey life would have in store for me this week I celebrated 35 years of life. I believe you are as young as you feel but at the same time I have never liked myself more than I do now, I have grown to love and accept myself and I believe that growth comes with age. I plan on aging as gracefully as I possibly can, that is one of my life goals because every year of life I celebrate is a medal of triumphs for my soul.

I have not really celebrated my birthday with a party or anything of the sort since my 15th birthday but this year I got a surprise. My daughter and her cousin coordinated a surprise birthday party for me, they dragged in my husband with the rest of my small family and my friends. It was truly beautiful to see them all come together to give me such a wonderful gift. Being together!

And the funny part was I just wanted to stay home and watch movies that night but my husband made me get dressed and go out, no pajama night for me. So when we arrived at the location I walked into a dark room and when the lights went on I got the old-fashioned “screams of surprise”,  and clapping. I almost cried but I held my composure.  It was really fun, my favorite dishes were made and my closest friends were there. I feel so blessed to be surrounded by so many people who care about me and love me for me with all my faults and imperfections.

It was a beautiful 35th Birthday celebration and after that our amazing friends Myra and Eddie invited us out for drinks and dancing. We always have such a fun time with them, I am so happy our return to Florida has yielded so many positive changes in our lives including new friendships!



My very best friend Glenna! She is my light, always there for me no matter what. I love her so much.


My beautiful daughter Emily!


My brother, always here for me!


Our beautiful cousin Anabel, she and Emily just had to surprise me.


My friend Beth, always there for me.


My aunt Gloria, she is from my crazy side always the life of the party!


Priscilla, family and godmother to my eldest.


The crew!


Sophie and her uncle!


My friend Sally.


My friend Porfie.


Gabriela, she is like a daughter to me.


Grisel, she is Sophie’s biggest cheerleader and has become a huge part of our family. Love her!


Luisa, we have become very close in the last months. I am so grateful for our friendship.

The kids, Tristan was upset and would not pose for the pic.

The kids, Tristan was upset and would not pose for the pic.

Elyas and his uncle.

Elyas and his uncle.

My uncle Albert.

My uncle Albert.

My son Arturo and his girlfriend, she is a cutie.

My son Arturo and his girlfriend, she is a cutie.

Gabriel my middle child, he is my class clown.

Gabriel my middle child, he is my class clown.


Myra and Eddie, such great friends.

Myra and Eddie, such a wonderful friendship has blossed between us all.


The man of my life!



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