My final goodbye.


I started blogging to document my journey as I learned to overcome the obstacles that came with being a parent to a child with special needs and terminal illnesses. My blog slowly evolved into so much more. Everything in my life changed from my way of life to learning to accept myself and overcome the many challenges that came my way.

Over these last five years I have experienced some immense love and support, but also some overwhelming negativity from those who did not understand my journey or were just being hateful.

This blog enabled me to help other parents also struggling with being in this new world and helped me share information and educate many on my daughter’s syndrome and of the many illnesses she lives with.

This blog has been my outlet and a place of reflection for self growth. In the last year I have made many changes as I mold my life to make room for more emotional growth and peace. I have taken steps to discontinue many associations to help me fall into my own normalcy without living in chains that consume me or are constant reminders of heartache. I have reduced my time on social media and electronics significantly and am reconnecting with the world around me as well as enjoying a new-found appreciation for privacy in my life.

It has been a great ride, but all great things must come to an end. And with that It is time to say goodbye! I want to thank all of my followers for your support through out these five years, your support and encouragement have only fueled my love for writing.

Feel free to enjoy my posts,  you can get caught up on some posts or if you are new to my site read a bit about my journey. It just may help you see the world in a different light.

I would not have made it this far without you all. Thank you for being a part of my journey!








One thought on “My final goodbye.

  1. hannahgutke

    I appreciate all you are saying. Please don’t ever forget how much you have helped new families. Your story was the first I found after Claire’s diagnosis. It gave me so much hope for a brighter future than what I felt we were given by medical professionals. May God bless you, Sophie and all your family. xox


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